Hi I’m Jerry and I am addicted to cornhole and to bags. I’ve tried to slow down and even stop the madness but to no avail. I love to buy new bags try them out and learn about their properties and what makes them special. I am a fan of so many bags sometimes I buy for style or maybe just to get something special that very few have. I have created this website for a few reasons. Reason one is to have a central place to show off my ever revolving collection of bags. Reason two is so I have a place to sell bags. Reason three would be to offer a central spot for a person to learn about cornhole bags. My personal goal is to keep my bag collection to approximately 50 sets (technically half-sets) of bags. This may sound easy to some but for those of us with the bug it can be a challenge. Due to that goal I must sell bags to buy and try new bags. I hope you find this site helpful or interesting in some way and it is my pleasure to share my joy of the sport of cornhole and the addiction of bag collecting with you. Thanks for taking your time 🙂 .

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